the series idiary deals with everday life of me and my children – dreams and little adventures at home and nearby nature playgrounds

fot this work i chose the iphone since i have it with me everytime and it is great to come very close an right in to a scene with such a small camera. with the iphone you can be part of the game an pho- tographer at the same time. i think that even my children are used to get photographed with a „big“ camera, it is easier to get very very close with the iphone and i take different pictures with the mobile than with a reflex camera, so the pictures are more poetic.

all photos are postet via instagram (a private account) during 2013-2016 and i like to use the instagram filters. they intensify the athmosphere within these pictures which is a little bit like a fairytale.

i also think that it is sensible to use such instant filters with an instant mobile camera.

the series „idiary“ tells not a straight story but a mosaic of different angles of small things, dreaming, happiness, sadness.